Avalanche Risk Map

Disclaimer: This site is not meant to replace any other safety tools. It should be used in conjunction with your local avalanche center’s forecasts, guidebooks, and your own knowledge.

Danger Scale Ratings

  1. no rating
  2. low
  3. moderate
  4. considerable
  5. high
  6. extreme

The blue areas (mostly around the Colorado Front Range) are popular bc skiing destinations, clicking on them displays the name and any guidebooks that describe it. They are also mentioned in the risk table below, ordered by risk (1–5).

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ski arearisk estimate
Seven Utes Mountain1.56
Terrain Park1.62
Royal Mountain to Tenmile Peak1.651.65
Peak 1 – Canyon Gully1.671.68
Fern Lake1.68
Rock Creek1.81
Hidden Valley1.81
Mount Sherman1.84
Mt Tweto & Mt Arkansas1.93
St. Mary’s Glacier1.642.10
Geneva Basin1.392.29
Berthoud Pass1.482.53
Lizard Head Pass1.273.03
Jones Pass1.563.46
Pikes Peak/Glen Cove1.313.66
Barrett Ridge1.005.00
Libby Creek1.005.00
Mount Lugo1.005.00