My Gear

My studio is pretty bare-bones at the moment. I’m what’s known as a laptop wanker. All software and a bunch of MIDI controllers. I like it because it keeps me small and portable. However, there are some outboard pieces that I want to get – like a Nord Modular G2 Engine and a Machinedrum. But for the most part I’m content to keep it in the computer.

Here’s an out-of-date (and out-of-focus) picture of my “studio”:

[image of studio]

Here’s what my MIDI setup is (the top row is stuff that’s connected directly to my Mac):

And here is all the gear:

Shelton-Farretta classical guitar

The pride of my studio. This is an amazing guitar. My old guitar teacher saw it and knew I’d go nuts, which I did. Its most incredible feature is that it has two bodies – one around the other. You can read more about it.

MidiMan Oxygen 8

A two-octave MIDI controller keyboard with lots of nifty dials.

Novation MidiCon

(on loan to Drew) The plainest of the plain-Jane controllers. But, at least it has strap hooks so I could be an 80s pop star if I wanted.

Korg Electribe EM1

A sweet little groovebox. It adds a bit of the DJ/live feel to the setup. Two synth parts, eight drum parts – it’s practically a studio in itself. Which is good, because I’m building a battery pack for it that will let me play with it outside, on a plane, wherever.

MOTU 828mk2

The mighty studio hub. All audio and most MIDI travels through this box at least once.

Casio VZ-8M

(on loan from Drew) A nifty synth that has features designed for MIDI guitars and horns. Which means I might break down and get a MIDI unit for my guitar.

Ensoniq ESQ-M

(on loan from Drew) I haven’t gotten my head around this synth yet. Admittedly cool patches, but the interface hurts.

DigiTech GSP-7

An old-school (circa 1997) guitar signal processor. Once I locate it again, I’m going to jam it in the chain somewhere.

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

Old overdrive stomp box. A true classic.

home-made octave doubler

Currently broken. I gotta get around to fixing it.

Apple 12" iBook

This is the best computer since sliced bread (Yeah, it was a Tandy box – the sliced bread 3000).

homebrew PC

An Athlon 1.8 GHz box with two monitors. I have it dual-booting Linux and Windows. I don’t really use Windows, but I have Logic and some other useful tools there at the moment.


On Linux

An Open Source DAW.
A front-end to Csound.
Planet CCRMA
An excellent collection of Open Source audio software, packaged and ready for installation on any Red Hat system.

On Windows 2000