Please Stand By….

Before enlightenment: write code, make techno. After enlightenment: write code, make techno.

There’s still some old (circa 1996) content here, but it’s slowly getting updated. I think I’m more than halfway through it at this point.

One of these days, I’ll get this site into Zope or some other engine, and I won’t be maintaining the whole thing by hand anymore. Until then, please forgive the shoddy navigation. You try writing your entire site in vi over an ssh connection. It’s not fun.

I think I’ve got a lot of good content here. A lot of things to get your brain running. So, feel free to poke around, and I’ll try to have this place ship-shape soon.


August 18

I've centralized all these updates in a blog. It makes it a lot easier to stay updated, and I can categorize things while keeping them all in one place.

March 29

Started playing with Sherlock this week. It’s pretty cool, and I’ve got the first version of my first Sherlock channel online now.

March 24

I’ve made an RSS feed for all the updates to my site. Is it not nifty?

March 23

Quick-and-dirty dub techno sketch added to the music journal.

January 6

There's now a link to my stream in the music section of the site. Sometimes I'll stream myself toying with some stuff, sometimes I'll play cool tracks by friends, and sometimes it'll be silent. We'll see how it works out. Also, on occasion, the stream will be mirrored by BeNow.

I also found an audio sketch from August 4th that never got up on the site. It's there now.

December 23

Rave, rave. Techno, techno. There’s a new track in the music journal. Something a little different, and a little more european.

December 4

Uploaded the first beta of my PDF résumé. Please comment and criticize away, I want this to be excellent.

November 29

Added an album of funny pictures of my friend Rick.

November 26

There’s now a photo gallery. Currently only pictures of me, but soon I will have a camera and then, watch out!

August 27

A new track added to the music journal. First experiment with the EM-1.

July 15

Updated the gear list with a MIDI setup and pictures of more rack-mount stuff.

2003 July 12

A new track added to the music journal.